Chakravyuha is an Indian  Kannada Language action-masala  Movie, Which is Written & Directed by M. Saravanan and  Produced by N K Lohith and the Banner of the picture is Sunshine Creations,  ,while S. Thaman scored Music for this Movie.

Coming about the Cast & Crew of the Movie is Puneeth Rajkumar, Rachita Ram, Arun Vijay, Sadhu Kokila, Rangayana Raghu, Abhimanyu Singh, Bhavya .while Shanmuga Sundaram   took Charges of the flim Cinematrography and Editting of the Movie is M Subarak . Chakravyuha  Movie Released on April 29 2016.

Director : M. Saravanan

Producer :  N K Lohith

Writter :  M. Saravanan

Starring :  Puneeth Rajkumar, Rachita Ram, Arun Vijay, Sadhu Kokila, Rangayana Raghu, Abhimanyu Singh, Bhavya

Music Director: S. Thaman

Editor :  M Subarak

Banner : Sunshine Creations,

Cinematography : Shanmuga Sundaram


Lohith (Puneeth Rajkumar) is an civil engineer kidnaps Omkar (Arun Vijay) brother of law minister and kept in an abadoned building which is under construction because one week before the law minister had incicated violence on the law students but one student manages to come out but he was badly wounded and tells Lohith that the law minister is behind all this then Lohith along with Sadhu (Sadhu Kokila) takes the student to the hospital. But the doctor said that there is blood loss so Lohith takes Anjali (Rachita Ram) a college student then she donates her blood but the next day the student dies and his mother screams in public lohith takes it seriously and kidnaps Omkar then the next day tries to escape but Lohith disguises himself and thrashes Omkar and keep in another room then the law minister tries to find Omkar but to no avail then Anjali comes to know that Lohith has kidnap Omkar then she falls in love with him then the law minister is arrested and Lohith leaves omkar then omkar decide to take revenge on him when the police spot Omkar they chase him then omkar stops Lohith and ask him a lift then Lohith manages to subdue the police then Lohith goes away leaving Omkar then he realises that Lohith was his kidnapper then Anjali calls Omkar and tells him that he knows the kidnapper then he shows him an article that he crashed in bike accident then Omkar knew Anjali was lying so he kidnappes her and brings him to the same building where Lohith had kept Omkar for days then SP Raghu (Rangayana Raghu) starts interrogating the law minister just then when he tries to escape Raghu shoots him then Omkar challenges Lohith to save any of them who is beloved to him then he reaches his home because he know that Omkar was about to kidnap his mother Lohith thrashes the goons that anjali is being kept in the same building then Lohith manages to save Anjali when he is taking her to the hospital Omkar tries to attack Lohith but SP Raghu shoots him and kills him


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